King's Holistic Helper

By Tami King, King’s Holistic Helper Founder/CEO

King’s Holistic Helper has come along way from initial concept.  This woman owned and ran business had initially started in my mothers dinning room.  I had a bunch of EOs with me while I was visiting, and my grandmother was complaining about the arthritis in her knee acting up.  I mixed up a basic mix of Frankincense, Myrrh and Lavender and she was amazed how much it worked with her knee.  She asked me to make her a 4oz bottle of it before I left.  This was a few years ago in 2013 and she still uses the newly formulated spray every day.

I started heavily researching essential oils after I had my back surgery.  I had a Dr use an essential oil mix on my back before we would do physical therapy.  I was always wowed by how much it helped with the inflammation and gave me my mobility back.  I struggled with finding anything over the counter due to having so many allergies including peppermint and menthol.  I also started to get an ulcer from all the anti-inflammatory meds I was taking and was having horrible acid reflux.  I started using the spray and was able to get off all the meds. 

When I ended up getting Lyme Disease in 2016, the spray helped so much with all the achiness that was a daily battle.  In 2021, I ended up getting into an accident that resulted in my neck getting whiplash and I was getting migraines daily.  It was pinching a few nerves and I was getting this burning sensation in my shoulder area.  I was also getting a numbing feeling in my fingers and toes.  They were sometimes turning blue and were always cold.  The spray got me through this for a year and half before they could figure out what was going on.  I was able to also start seeing a manual physical therapist that got me to about 70% better.  After multiple x-rays and MRIs, it was found that I had 2 herniated disks in my neck between C4 and C6.  In summer of 2023, I had to get neck surgery and got 2 disk implants.

I personally use the EX-spray all the time.  I would always make batches of the original regular spray and give them out as gifts.  I would add a few pricier oils for my own personal stash.  They both work great, but the EX just has that extra umph to it that I liked.  Currently working on developing a lotion with all the goodness of the Spray the Pain Away oil.

I am donating a $1 for every bottle sold to help with the fire relief of the devastating Holiday Farm Fire in OR in 2020.  As one of the evacuees of the Vida area, we were displaced for over a month and for most of that time, not knowing what condition the house was in.  Many kudos to the heroics of the firefighters that were able to save the lives and homes of so many.  The fire came within 5 feet of our home.  We were extremely fortunate but many of our neighbors and community members were not.  It is humbling to go through something like that with such a large group of people in the same situation.  

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